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Trap Shooting - Walker MN

Northstar Shooting Sports Club has two regulation trap shooting ranges. We are open to the public for anyone who’d care to shoot at our ranges.

For those who like to shoot regularly, during the spring months teams are formed to compete against others in the area for 10 weeks during the summer months. During 2019, the League will shoot on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, beginning June 5th. A team must have at least 5 members, but it's a good idea to have a 6th member as an alternate.

Let us know if you need another shooter on your team, or if you are a shooter that needs to be assigned to a team. You can register your team when you come to the club for a practice round, or give us a call.

If you have questions, or want more information call: Bill O’Neill at 218-547-2611, or the club at 218-888-6701.

Summer Leagues - Walker MN Gun Club

The summer leagues will be forming in May and will begin the first week in June. It's never too late in May to sign up your team or just come out by yourself and join one of the teams looking for a teammate. This is just a summer fun event for anyone wanting to keep a record of their increasing shooting skills. The league will run for 10 weeks.
We have leagues forming for trap, skeet, and sporting clays. What is particularly nice about this league is that it fits into everyone schedule. You do not necessarily need to shoot as a team. Many of us have unusual work schedules that would otherwise prevent us from shooting on a particular night. When you come out to shoot (anytime the club is open), be sure to tell the score keeper whether the score is for league or practice, PRIOR to shooting.
Thursday nights tend to be trap shooting night for many of the members. Along with their evening of shooting, many plan their supper at the club. Thursday nights are also known as "Pot-Luck Night", so if you wish to attend, bring along a favorite recipe of yours.

Trap Shooting Rates - Walker MN Gun Club
The following rates are for one round (25 targets)
Member w/prepaid 10 round shooting card......$6.00
*(non-member may not purchase or use prepaid cards)

Expert and novice shooters are always welcome. We have qualified instructors to help those who are new to the game.
Brief History of Trap Shooting in the USA
The first formal trap shoot took place in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1831, using live birds. With the advent of glass ball targets, and eventually clay disc targets, the sport began to take on the popular form of the game known today as Trap. American Trap uses a single target launcher, or trap, which is located below ground in a trap house. This trap oscillates left to right and back, launching a single clay target, or bird. American trap has a field with 5 shooting positions. Singles Trap features shots taken from each of the shooting positions 16 yards behind the trap house. The shooters position themselves on one of the 5 shooting positions, or stations. Each shooter shoots five shots from his current station, then the squad rotates to the next station. Each shooters shoots five shots from five stations. Handicap Trap is the same game with shooters moving back to varying distances from the trap house. The maximum distance is 27 yards. Doubles Trap is shot from 16 yards, with the distinction being in the way the targets are presented. In Doubles Trap, the targets are thrown two at a time, and the trap does not oscillate. So each of the pairs of targets are uniform in trajectory.


Northstar Is Closed To All Activity Until Further Notice

In compliance with Governor Walz's executive order to close non-essential businesses and meeting places, Northstar Shooting Sports Club is closed to all use or activity, by members or non-members, until further notice. In regard to the Covid-19 community propagation threat, we are following the situation closely and will post updates as it changes.

We are all anxious to get back to being able to enjoy the shooting sports, but we must be able to do so safely. We encourage those who would like to become annual members, or to renew their membership, to send in their annual dues ($60) and fee for a front gate key ($15), if you want a key. Your membership card (and key) will be mailed to you, upon receipt. Send to: Northstar Shooting Sports Club, P.O. Box 21, Walker, MN 56484

Our intent is to re-open Northstar as soon as it is safely possible. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  1. The Board Meeting scheduled for April is cancelled. Future meetings may be held on-line, details to be provided later.
  2. The Annual Northstar Fundraising Banquet has been postponed until further notice.
  3. The WHAN Trapshooting Team practices and use of the range or clubhouse have been postponed until further notice.
  4. Concealed Carry Classes, Firearm Safety Range Day Activities, and any other scheduled range use have been postponed until further notice.
  5. If you need further information, you can email or call Mark Bovee, Club Vice President, at (218) 390-7230.

2020 Membership

2020 Annual Memberships ($60.00) will be available at Walker Hardware and Leech Lake Lumber as of Jan 1, 2020. New Front Gate Keys for members will also be available for purchase ($15.00). However, the front gate lock will not accept these keys until the club reopens as soon as the Covid-19 guidelines and weather allow. We will post that date as soon as we know when that will be.

If you have questions or want more information, call the club at 218-888-6701.

The Next Board and General Club Meeting

The Board Meeting scheduled for April 20th is cancelled. Future Board and General Club Meetings may be held on-line, details to be provided later as dates and times become available.

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2020 Events

Memberships and Keys for Club Members are available at Ace Hardware and Leech Lake Lumber Co. in Walker.

Scholarship Applications are due soon.

Look under the Club Info tab to find the qualifications, rules, and application forms.

April 20, 2020
The Board Meeting scheduled for April 20th is cancelled. Future Board and General Club Meetings may be held on-line, details to be provided later as dates and times become available.
April 25, 2020
Annual Fund Raising Banquet - Postponed Until Further Notice
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